As the school year comes to a close for Rockford students this week, there's a collective sigh of relief that you can hear as they run for the school's front doors.

No more teachers, no more homework or books, just the lazy days of summer filled with friends, sleeping in and doing whatever you wanted. At least that's what I looked forward to when I was in school.

But, times have changed and it saddens me think that for some kids, the last day of school means they won't have to face their tormentors and bullies for what they're hoping is a life-changing 94 days. All summer they pray that next year will be better.

It's unfortunate that this is the reality for our kids; school is supposed to be a safe place where you they can play, learn, grown and make friends - not get stabbed, repeatedly, by a classmate.

That's what happened to Destinee Garza at Oak Lawn High School. According to WGN Garza was involved in a school fight that was captured on video and later shared on social media.

Watch as she's attacked by a fellow student and stabbed repeatedly with a scissors. Warning: Graphic video. Viewer discretion is advised.

The fight lasts about 35 seconds before a student, not a teacher, stepped in to break up the fight.

Garza's mom had this to say to reporters covering the incident.

The girl with the scissors was arrested by Oak Lawn police later that day.

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