Before you get outta your car, make sure these 10 things aren't enduring scorching hot temperatures or you might be in trouble.

I've said this time and time again, but I use the backseat of my car as an "on-the-go" department.  That's really just me trying to justify how messy it is in my car lol.

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I have everything from clothes, makeup, blankets, empty water bottles, and everything you can possibly think of.  Why? Because when emergency calls, I'm prepared!

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It might not be the best idea for me to leave all of that stuff in my car when it gets extremely hot outside, though.  Things could melt, catch fire, get spoiled quickly, or... it could be fatal.

Temperatures in Illinois have been rising the further we get into summer, so here's what you shouldn't keep in your car in extreme heat.  Thank me later!

STOP! Don't Dare Leave These 10 Things In A Hot Car In Illinois


If your meds are exposed to extreme temps, they could become less effective.


Your favorite pair of sunnies could warp since most are made from plastic.  You need those to drive with the blinding sun!


I didn't know water bottles could catch fire, but it's true.  Plus, the bottle can melt and cause a mess in your car.

#4: FOOD

If the temp is above 90 degrees, you don't want to eat food after it's been baking in your car.  Bacteria can grow faster and cause you to get sick.


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One, people will break into your car and steal your laptop if it's sitting out.  Two, electronics can overheat very quickly and ruin the battery life.


Bacteria loves to grow on wet swimwear... we don't want that living in the backseat.  Plus, the bright colors of your swimsuit could bleed into your seats if it's hot enough.


I've had sunscreen explode before because I left it in my car and exposed to the sun.  That's not fun to clean!


This has to be a given.  If it's not, let's talk!  If you don't like sitting in a hot car with the windows up for long periods of time, nor do kids and animals.  Save a life, get them out!


Now that you've seen the list, what would you add to it?

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