We have reached the point in 2020 where nothing will surprise us. Why not have a swimming pool here; I've seen worse. Change my mind.

If your dream house has a swimming pool and you're just not quite ready to make the move, but that pool can't wait, this might be ideal (if you already own a pick up truck). Even if you don't own a truck, a good used pickup and this pool, is much cheaper than the dream house... for now. I'm an 'in ground' guy but I do not hate this.

Let me ask you again. Are you an above ground, an in ground, or an in truck person?

New from Walmart, for 45 bucks...

A truck bed pool.


That's real. An inflatable swimming pool for that back of your truck. The pool measures 66"x62"x21". Judging by the photos, it seats four, but I wouldn't say comfortably. Comfort isn't the point with a truck bed pool. This is quite possibly your pool dream, come true.

[H/T TwentyTwoWords.com]

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