There's something I've been seeing more Illinois drivers do lately that got me questioning if it's even legal while driving a car.

Every day at work, I put my headphones in and listen to music to keep me focused.  I usually keep my headphones in until I get in my car to go home, but that's not the case for a lot of drivers I've seen around town.

I've seen so many people with headphones in while they're driving.  Sure, you might not have a radio or aux cord in your car, but that doesn't mean restricting your hearing is safe for the road!

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Is It Legal To Wear Headphones While Driving A Car In Illinois?

Well, if it's not... it should be, in my opinion lol.

Here's what I found out:

"Illinois law prohibits the use of handheld cellphones, texting or using other electronic communications while operating a motor vehicle. Hands-free devices or Bluetooth technology is allowed for persons age 19 and older. Illinois law also prohibits the use of headsets while driving." []

Okay, so not only is it illegal to text and drive and use other electronics while you drive, but it's also illegal in Illinois to use headphones while operating a vehicle.

I think I've done it one time by accident after leaving the gym.  I had some bangers playing while I was working out and just continued listening to my playlist as I started my car.


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I completely forgot I was wearing my headphones until I pulled into my driveway.  It was definitely dangerous considering I couldn't hear any sirens or traffic around me.

Just be safe and remember to have your eyes AND ears focused on the road when you're behind the wheel!

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