PLUS broken bones and severe burns during a dangerous weekend for live music, Supreme court deadline and the tragic details of 4-car crash on I90. #5Things

Eating nuts everyday can save your life. (Telegraph)

A dangerous weekend for live music:

Dave Grohl (Foo FIghters) broke his leg when he fell off the stage. Then came back and finished the show.

See why Dave IS the coolest guy in rock n roll in these 2 other videos

Michael Clifford (5 Seconds of Summer) burned half his head when he stood too close to some pyrotechnics. And he's lucky, when you see this video you'll see how close he was to burning his entire head.

Supreme court races the clock on gay marriage/obamacare. (USA Today)

Four car crash leaves one woman dead and two children fighting for their lives. (My Stateline)


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