Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.

Even if they didn't, I can thank the fine folks who follow the Eau Claire Police Department on Facebook.

Here's the story behind what cops are calling the "Most Wisconsin Complaint Ever," a term used to describe a uniquely Wisconsin situation that's both amusing and a bit bizarre:

At 9:46 PM officers were sent to check on a report from a driver of someone chasing them down and throwing cheese at their car. Not gouda. It's un-brie-lievable that someone would do that. Throwing cheese is nacho best look Eau Claire.

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Whoever is working on Facebook for the Eau Claire Police, bravo, well done.

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The Eau Claire Police Department's Facebook page is a treasure trove of puns, surpassing the humor quotient of the average police department. It's a delight to see their unique take on law enforcement.

Cheddar Believe It, Police Respond to 'Most Wisconsin Complaint Ever' (It's Cheese)

That didn't stop page followers from sharing some of their favorite one-liners.

Photo by Food Photographer on Unsplash
Photo by Food Photographer on Unsplash

Here are the ten best:

  1. ECPD is investigating a string of these cheesy incidents. Be on the look out.
  2. Were they driving a mozzer-etti?
  3. Whey to go, guys. Has it o-curd to you that this is why other states Brie-lieve we’re nothing but cheeseheads?
  4. What kind of muenster would do such a thing??
  5. Dangerous if it had been extra sharp cheddar.
  6. Well, in queso emergency we now know who to call!
  7. If they get caught they're going to find their Asiago in jail!
  8. Was it Swiss cheese? Seems to be alot of holes in this investigation.
  9. They curd cause an accident.
  10. Thank goodness for our boys in Bleu.

That's just a slice. Do you have a pun about this cheesy incident you'd like to share?

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