5 Things You Need to Know Wednesday - Conan from Cuba tonight, Fatty's owner arrested for pot growing, fart smell is healthy use this acronym to be morning person.

Conan goes to Cuba, and the joke's on him. (USA Today)

The owner of Fatty McGee's, Greg Kowalski, has been arrested for all that weed in the basement. (My Stateline)

Smelling Farts is Good For Your Health. (The Week)

"R.I.S.E. U.P." method makes you a morning person. (Business Insider)

Ellen DeGeneres Gave $10,000 to the People Behind That Dress Photo. The dress IS blue and black, by the way. Two of them are newlyweds, and she gave them a honeymoon in Grenada and $10,000. Watch how the whole thing started.

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