Learning to love yourself is a lifelong journey and having empowering, encouraging, and positive people around you makes the process so much more wonderful.

I'm 25 and I've started to notice my body has been changing drastically (in my opinion lol).  From wrinkles, to dark bags under my eyes, to aging spots randomly appearing, it's not something anybody can prepare you for.

It was just recently that I've really struggled to see the beauty in what I look like.

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My sister is the most body-positive person I've ever met and I love them to death for being a major influence in my life.

Thanks To My Sister Who Taught Me to Love My Body Unconditionally

K doesn't care what anybody thinks about what they wear or how they look.

It didn't happen overnight, K has been working on their self-love journey for a long, long time.  I'm so proud they've gotten to this point in their life.


They're helping me be more confident, accepting, and loving toward my appearance.

I wear a lot of skinny jeans and started HATING the way they made my legs look. So, we took a trip to Woodfield Mall!

I tried on tons of different "eh" styles and had plenty of employees irritated I wasn't making them a sale.

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I want to feel comfortable in clothing I wear and be less insecure.  If that means trying on a thousand different pairs of pants with no luck then that's that!

What I loved about this shopping trip?  My sister helped me find the right styles that made ME feel beautiful.

I ended up finding one pair and I feel so confident in them!


It's not every day you have someone impacting your life for the better, it's rare.

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Life is way too short to conform to society's "norms" and be clones of everyone around us, so why not have fun with the life we're given?

Thanks to my sister for being the most influential, unique, and empowering person in my life and always being uplifting in every way possible.  I'm beyond thankful to call them my sister.

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