Chicago pizza is deep dish pizza, right? Right?

Actually, no. While people who visit Chicago believe their trip wouldn't be complete without a slice of deep dish pizza from a Giordano's or Lou Malnati's are actually missing out on real Chicago pizza.

That's because, shocker, real Chicago pizza isn't deep dish, it's tavern-style thin crust pizza.

Vice shared a video on their Facebook page highlighting some of Chicago's best pie, and it's not deep dish.

As a born and raised Chicagoan, eating deep dish pizza was akin to going out for a steak dinner at Morton's. It was a special occasion.

Eating thin crust pizza in my neighborhood was like having a bowl of mac & cheese or a PB & J. It was something that happened weekly. That kind of pizza was all I knew growing up.

It was later, after moving out of town and into another city, did I realize that people connected deep dish pizza with Chicago.

It's just not true. Next time you visit Chicago, go to a neighborhood. I don't mean the Gold Coast or Streeterville areas of town, but an actual neighborhood. Logan Square, Humboldt Park or where I used to live, Jefferson Park, all of which are home to restaurants that serve authentic Chicago pizza.

Need help? This is my all-time favorite Chicago pizza, Di Vita's. HERE are directions. You can thank me some other time.

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