Lets not lie to ourselves, we've all been there.  Whether it was a message to the wrong person, or just the wrong message, we have all sat there with our face in our hands WISHING this feature existed.  Well, Mark Zuckerberg only took 14 years to realize this 'unsend' option might be a good idea.

We can pay people through Facebook, we can go live, we can post a 3D photo, we can even have a group video chat.  But we still can't take back that one message you accidentally hit enter on and sent to the wrong person.

It looks like Facebook is aiming to change that.  According to WGN News -

Facebook is testing out an "Unsend" feature on its Messenger app. Users would be asked if they want to unsend a message within a limited time after a message is sent. This "unsend" option would then delete the message from both the sender and receiver's inboxes, similar to Gmail's "Undo Send" feature.

Facebook announced plans of this feature when the public found out about messages being deleted from Zuckerberg and other executives messages.  People we're wondering why that feature wasn't available for everyone.  So either Zuckerberg actually cares about us taking back the dumb thing's we've said, or he's trying to save his butt.  No release date of the feature has been mentioned, so I guess only time will tell.

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