In case you missed it this morning, Steve and I had a little fun playing a holiday gift game, "real or fake." We named a long list of ridiculous gift ideas and you had to decide what gifts were well, real or fake.

For example, a fire breathing dragon drone that breaths real fire...real or fake? It's real. Or how about this one- the home laser eye kit? Obviously, that's so fake; and now there's one more.

According to WGN, Fisher Price has confirmed that the "Happy Hour Playset" that's gone viral on Facebook is also so fake.

I know a few of my friends have shared this already and I'll admit, I almost fell for it. Sorry moms and dads, you won't be getting this for the little ones, or yourself, this Christmas.

You can, however, get your hands on a toy that's very real, and also very hard to find - a Hatchimal. 97ZOK is giving you a chance to win one, and it will be delivered by Santa.

Enter for your chance to win below.


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