Pumpkin lovers beware, you're going to spend your entire paycheck at Aldi. 

Fall is unofficially here and that means Aldi is dropping their Aldi Fall Finds. If you don't know, Aldi Finds are the items in that one aisle that doesn't seem to make sense.

You know what I mean. There's seasonal snacks, workout items, kids pajamas, pots and pans, something for your garden and spices you've never heard of.

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It may sound like the worst aisle in the store, but it's actually the best. It's where you'll find creative seasonal products that you truly can't find anywhere else, and you know the prices are great too.

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So, without further ado, here is the list of four of the most impressive Aldi's September Finds (courtesy of All Recipes) and the day you'll be able to grab that at your favorite Aldi store.

Aldi's Best 2023 Fall Finds

  • Mama Cozzy's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pepperoni Pizza Cones (yes, cones filled with pizza!) - now available!
  • Appetitos Cheddar Filled Pretzel Bites (you know you need to get at least two boxes of these!) - available September 20.
  • Sundae Shoppe Pumpkin Latte Ice Cream Bars (pumpkin latte flavored ice cream with caramel, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with cinnamon cookie crumbles) - available September 27.
  • Bake Shop Pumpkin Pecan Cookies (talk about the perfect blend of two fall favorites) - available September 27.

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