Good news for local families who are running low on socially distant/educational activities, Rockford Public Library has something fun for us to do. The library is working with the community to encourage kids and families to read.

They just launched their “Storybook Walk” at Sinnissippi Gardens. Portions of “The Birdwatchers” by Simon James are installed at stations throughout the park. But this isn't the only place you can have some story walk fun.

Five more books are also displayed around the city. A local book club paid for the project. As long as the weather cooperates, the storybook walks will be up through October. Rockford Public Library knows that parents really need resources like this right now. WTVO details what Bridget Finn, the marketing director for the Rockford Public Library, said -

With all of our in-person reading events canceled, because of the pandemic, its was really important that we gave young ones an opportunity to have an activity, a literacy-based activity, that would help to develop their love of reading and their love of books.

Here's some more Storybook Walk fun listed on their website -

Credit Rockford Public Library
Credit Rockford Public Library

So if you're looking for a fun outdoor activity that is also a good way to keep your kids reading, be sure to check this out before the weather puts us all back inside for the year.

You can check out all the details for Rockford Public Library's Storybook Walk here.

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