A terrible auto accident on Roscoe Road Friday (8/5) night has left two daughters without their mom.

Family Starts GoFundMe Campaign for Roscoe Mother Killed in Crash
Laura Kraman via Facebook

While the details of the crash that occurred on Roscoe Rd just west of Gleasman Rd. are still being investigated, planning a funeral for a mom, a wife, a friend... is all that lies ahead. The following is an excerpt from the GoFundMe page started to help the family cover funeral expenses for Laura Kraman:

I was driving by with my daughter and 2 of her friends and immediately knew someone had passed away because of the way the police had blocked the road off. On our detour home we talked about how sad it was and then all the sudden it started pouring rain and one of the girls made the comment “ it was GOD crying.

I live just off this road and will pass this everyday and remember the sweet woman whose daughter is close with mine. Now comes the job of all of use to wrap our arms around this family in whatever way we can. Please consider donating to the fund to cover funeral expenses. Make your contribution by clicking HERE.

The woman who started the fundraiser has an additional request:

Also, I was hoping to find someone that knew how to turn a couple pieces of Laura’s shirts into a medium sized pillow for the girls. Please reach out to me if you are willing to help.

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