It's going to be another cold winter in the Rockford area if you believe what the Farmer's Almanac has to say.

NBC 5 Chicago caught up with editor Peter Geiger and he said: "We believe the Midwest is going to have some cold, very cold weather and average snowfall."

That shouldn't be much of a surprise for anyone who has lived through a Rockford winter or two.

While we missed out on a massively disgusting winter in the Rockford area last year, it appears we may be in store for a real winter in 2017.

Reports Say Polar Cold Could Deep Freeze Rockford Next Week

Not much by the way of snow in November or December, but January and February could be bad news.

The Almanac says through NBC 5 Chicago, to watch for "January 20-23 and February 12-15, which could see several inches of snow."

Most people would agree January and February are the worst months for snow (outside of June or July.)

Illinois residents are OK with snow in November and December because it feels very Christmas-like. Any kind of snowfall after January 1 is considered a hassle.

Winter 2017-18 looks like it just might be that kind of hassle.

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