We've all had a bad day at work before. If you were lucky, nobody knew it but you. For one Wisconsin FedEx driver his bad day has gone viral.

In a video obtained by WIFR, a FedEx driver is seen tossing around a 144 pound package around and pushing it through the snow. He also has some choice words about said package and how he's not happy with the size and weight of it.

The package was within the company's 150 pound limit as were the dimensions of it.

The package was a couch ordered by the family from Wayfair. Apparently this was the second package that had to be returned because it arrived damaged both times and now the family is wondering if FedEx is the reason why.

Just remember as the holiday season is upon us, a lot of people will be ordering things online. When dealing with customer service, just make sure to be easy on them as sometimes it's not the manufacturer's fault.

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