It's not who you think it is either!

My first thought when I ran across the story regarding a female lead in a Marvel super hero movie, was "eh, probably a Scarlett Johansson Black Widow movie."

Nope, I was wrong. Marvel announced on Thursday that phase 3 of their world domination on-going movie series will feature a woman in the lead.

It'll be a sequel to the successful Ant-Man movie that grossed over $150M in the US.

The sequel called Ant-Man and the Wasp will feature Hope Van Dyne as The Wasp due out on July 6, 2018.

Evangeline Lilly played Van Dyne in the original shrunken superhero flick and since the sequel is nearly three years away, Marvel has yet to announce if she will be coming back to play the character in the sequel.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

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