A few weeks ago you had to drive an hour to get to a drive-in movie, but now you only have to drive a few minutes to see one, and grab a drink at Five Forks Flicks.

Drive-in movies are the biggest silver lining of this entire year.

An industry that was completely going away is now thriving and expanding.

Five Forks Market is one of the new places where you can catch a movie outside and still adhere to social distancing rules.

Five Forks Flicks kicked last week with 'The Blues Brothers,' and this weekend, they're sticking to the 80s movie trend and playing, 'The Princess Bride.'

This movie is exactly the same age as I am, and you know what... I've never seen it. So many people get frustrated with me when I say that but it's true.

Maybe I should head out there this Saturday and change that!

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