Trying not to spend money for five days was easier than I thought, but had both positive and negative effects.

Last week, Sweet Lenny and I decided that from Monday morning until Friday after work we weren't going to spend any money.

I made it through the entire week... but not without some issues.

Monday night instead of going shopping like I usually do, I went home and had to find something to do to occupy my time. So I de tangled old necklaces. Which was, really, really boring.

So Tuesday after work I decided I had to find something free to do. So I went over to the Sinnissippi bike path and took a walk.

Then came Wednesday, when I spent my afternoon at Schnuck's because we had partnered with them all summer for an awesome wave runner giveaway, but I was stuck in the water section and I love flavored waters so honestly that was the hardest part of the week.

And Thursday after work I had to do more work. Because editing an Ate One Five video was the only thing that could keep me from spending money.

Then Friday I went to Target after work and spent $150 and accidentally started Christmas shopping.

So I don't know if not spending money for a week was a plus or a minus, but I do know that it's your last week to GoFund Yourself!

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