Here we are, unhappy Cub fans with very little sleep. Not 'Flying The W' seems to hurt a little more today. 

The Chicago Cubs are done for the 2018 season. There just wasn't enough gas in the tank for our boys in blue to make it to the NLDS. Next year is just around the corner, with only 5 months until spring training in Arizona, so who's going?

Sadly, the 'L' flag flies over Wrigley Field today. Do you know the history of the 'W' & 'L' flags? While no fan really ever wants to see the 'L 'flag, the Cubs iconic flags served a great purpose many years ago. The humble beginnings of these flags dates back to the 1930s, according to

The 'L' or 'W' flags were flown in the late 1930s to inform evening 'L' commuters passing Wrigley Field know how things went earlier in the day on the field. Every Cubs fan alive would be happy if they never saw the 'L' flag ever again.

Well, there's always next year Cubbies fans. At least football season is in full swing.

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