Just an hour from Rockford and your tastebuds will never be the same. High-quality hogs, out of this world rub & sauces, and side dishes you won't believe.

Here's the deal. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and I've been eating Jon Olson's (AKA Smoky Jon) since I was a kid. No matter how good the food someone else makes for you is, you never tell your mom that it's better than hers. I don't have the same feelings for my dad. He could make great food on the grill but he could never match the St. Louis spareribs from Smoky Jon's, located at 2310 Packers Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin.

A recent Food Network article named Smoky Jon's the best place for BBQ in the entire state, according to channel3000.com. And, believe me when I tell you, the Food Network did not get it wrong. You know how it is when you move out of your hometown, there are things you miss that can never be duplicated. For this Madison native, it's Smoky Jon's (and Rocky Rococo's Pizza).

Here's a tip: Be sure to order some sugar fried biscuits too.

You're welcome. Try looking at this menu without your mouth getting all watery.

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