Winter is far from over. Let this video serve as a reminder to please drive carefully.

If you watch this video with someone in the next room, behind closed doors, your reaction will cause them to burst out of that room and ask you what's wrong.

As I watched this video yesterday, all I could say was, "oh my gosh, oh no, oooh, ahhhh" and at one point, I had to cover my eyes. My husband jumped out of his office to see if I was curled up on the floor; in pain.

Imagine driving down I90 in extreme weather conditions, the visibility so poor that you don't have time to react to cars piled up in front of you. Before you realize it, it's too late. The only option you have left is to brace yourself for impact and pray that you come out alive.

That's what happened on I94 in Michigan last Friday, January 9th.  It's terrifying to watch.


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