So you're traveling over the holidays. Taking a flight or two? You don't want to sit in the middle seat and Smirnoff doesn't want you to either.

Sitting in the middle seat is awful.

You don't have freedom to go to the bathroom without asking someone to get up, you don't get the tiny bit of extra legroom like when you sit in the aisle and you don't get to lean on the side of the plane like when you're by the window.

Nope, you're stuck between two people who are probably both stealing your armrest.

But Smirnoff wants to relieve you of this traveling pain. Smirnoff Seltzer to be exact.

Before December 14, you have to tell Smirnoff all about your trip and why you deserve to upgrade to a different seat.

The flight must be taken between December 17 and January 31.

That's seriously all you need to do, fill out this form and you might be getting a sweet upgrade.

Good luck to you and your awful middle seat selection.

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