PLUS NASA finds water on Mars, Crusader Clinic gunman name released, how you carry your purse shows your personality & John Stamos and Rob Lowe's new TV shows

NASA finds evidence of recent flowing water on Mars. (USA Today)

Police release name of Crusader clinic gunman. (My Stateline)

What the way you carry your purse says about your personality. (Glamour)

Former FBI Agent Explains How To Spot A Liar By Listening To How They Say One Word
Todd Arena, Thinkstock

Former FBI agent explains how to spot a liar by just listening to how they say this one word. (BroBible)

John Stamos & Rob Lowe's NEW TV Shows

The series premiere of Grandfathered at 7 p.m. on Fox. John Stamos plays carefree bachelor who suddenly becomes a father AND a grandfather when he finds out that he has an adult son (Josh Peck) who just had a baby of his own.

The series premiere of The Grinder at 7:30 p.m. on Fox. Rob Lowe plays an actor who moves back to his hometown after playing an attorney on a hit TV show called "The Grinder". . . . which makes life uncomfortable for his brother, a REAL lawyer, played by Fred Savage from "The Wonder Years".


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