A lawsuit filed earlier this summer has now made news as a former Rockford Taco Bell manager says she was forced to resign from her job because she was pregnant.

The Rockford Register Star is reporting that a woman who used to work at Taco Bell is suing the company saying she was forced to quit because she couldn't fit in her assigned work pants because she was pregnant.

The lawsuit was filed with the Winnebago County Circuit Court and includes the following information according to the RR Star:

Carr, 36, who worked at the Rockford restaurant at 6161 E. State St., received new company-issued work pants in January 2012, one month after she learned she was pregnant.

She didn’t tell her co-workers or supervisor she was pregnant at that time “because she was afraid her pregnancy would jeopardize her job,” according to the suit.

By Jan. 31, 2012, those work-issued dress slacks no longer fit comfortably and she wore her prior uniform pants, a looser-fitting pair of cargo pants, to work that day.

Carr told her female supervisor that her new pants didn’t fit and asked if she could order a larger size, but her supervisor refused and sent her home for the day, the lawsuit states.

On Feb. 2, 2012, Carr decided to wear those looser-fitting cargo pants to work again and this supervisor — who is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit — confronted her “about this apparent transgression of Taco Bell’s uniform policy.”

Carr then told her supervisor she was pregnant. The supervisor said the company didn’t offer maternity uniform pants and when Carr offered to buy her own, similarly styled pants, the supervisor refused, according to the lawsuit.

Carr was given two options: Wear the uniform pants she couldn’t fit into or resign. About an hour later, the supervisor gave Carr a resignation letter and forced her to sign it, the lawsuit states. Carr had worked for Taco Bell since May 2011.


The case will be heard this November and Kristen Carr is asking for $50,000 in damages.

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