With deep discounts everywhere this coming Friday, it's easy to think everything will be cheaper.

That's not the case however. According to Adobe and their Marketing Cloud program, here are four things they say you should wait for and NOT buy on Black Friday.

Here are the four things:

  1. Toys
  2. Electronics
  3. Jewelry
  4. Clothing

That said, the days when these four items do take a nose dive price wise varies.

Four Things You Should NOT Buy On Black Friday
Steve Frost, ThinkStock

For example, toys are on sale the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which unfortunately you just missed.

Electronics take their deepest cut the Monday before Thanksgiving. You can experience a greater than 20% discount today if you get moving.

Jewelry is a trickier option however. It is said that jewelry experiences it's deepest discount on Thanksgiving Day only, and rumored to only go up to 25% more the later you wait.

Clothing is best for last minute shoppers. It is said that discounts run throughout the holiday season and that the lowest prices for apparel purchasers reach their lowest on December 23.

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