The Toronto Raptors aren't supposed to successfully defend their 2019 title this year. Looks like no one told Fred.

If VanVleet were playing in any other market in the United States, he'd be a household name all across the country. He might become a household name pretty soon despite playing in Toronto.

People started to notice Fred during last year's playoff title run. His defense never took a night off and his solid offensive contribution made him a regular for the Raptors during crunch time. He's played even better this year:

...and then started the 2020 playoffs with a superstar-like performance.

The rest of the country is starting to give the Rockford native and Auburn grad is proper due:

Fred's rise to NBA greatness could not have come at a better time for him financially. He's a free agent next year and while he's said he would like to return to Toronto "in a perfect world," teams all across the league will be backing up the Brinks truck for his services.

One young team that could use a veteran point guard to help them reach potential plays in Chicago. It would be great to get Fred closer to home. Mr. Karnisovas, do the right thing.



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