If you've walked through the doors at Walmart in Freeport in the last decade, you've likely felt the joy of encountering Jeff Klever. 

Walmart door greeter, Jeff Klever was about to begin his 12th year at the front doors. From his wheelchair, with that smile, Jeff was always happy to see you.

In a recent interview with FreeportNewsNetwork.com, Jeff's mom, Lynn Hoff, said he passed away suddenly on October 8. It is in that same interview that we learned how Jeff's Walmart family paid tribute to his life.

While nothing will ever feel as good as having her son Jeff back, that jar filled with memories will hopefully bring her heart a little joy.

The part of this story I love most is hearing employees from surrounding Walmart stores came to cover shifts at the Freeport Walmart, so Jeff's co-workers could attend his funeral.

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