I think a good phrase to sum up 2020 is #MakingItWork.

Almost every single business has had to change the way they work, and a lot of businesses are suffering. I'm sure local businesses and restaurants come to mind. But we can't forget about all of the organizations that are giving back year round. This year more than ever their services were needed. And this year more than ever, they've suffered.

The Salvation Army in Freeport is doing what they can to help families in need this holiday season, but they can't do it without the community's help.

A big initiative for the Salvation Army is their Red Kettle Campaigns during the holidays. With foot traffic being way down and not as many people out shopping, they're struggling to reach their goal.  According to WIFR -

Throughout December the Salvation Army hosts several events to help families create a memorable Christmas for their kids. On Saturday during a toy drive nearly 2,000 toys were collected which excited the organization. But it needs more Red Kettle donations as the Salvation Army is only at 32%of its $175,000 goal.

Salvation Army Captain Tim Thorson hopes they'll be able to make up some of the money through mail donations, but that's only a hope. This is where the community comes into play.

'Tis the season to give back. So how can you help the Salvation Army? WIFR details -

You can donate to the Salvation Army in Freeport by mailing in a donation, providing some change at a Red Kettle located at several grocery stores or on the organization’s website.

So to donate to the Red Kettle campaign online, you can head HERE. You can mail in donations to the address of - 106 W Exchange Street, FREEPORT. And next time you're out grocery shopping, don't forget to bring some extra cash.

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