I'm that friend who uses WAY too many emojis. Sometimes I find myself sending just emojis instead of actual words. So I love when they announce new ones. More than a hundred new emoji are on their way this year.

Check out the new emojis below -

Tech Crunch details -

 The expansion includes 62 brand-new emoji as well as 55 new gender and skin-tone variants, many of which are new gender-inclusive emoji. Other notable additions this year include the transgender flag — from a proposal co-sponsored by Google and Microsoft — as well as the new smiling face with tear, the two people hugging, pinched fingers, a disguised face, not to mention tons more animals, food items and other objects.

I think some of my favorites are the beaver, the dodo, and the bubble tea. And of course the piñata. It's the perfect addition to any party text.

Unfortunately we have to wait a little bit. These emojis will come to phones in the second half of 2020.

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