For my final Frozen Finds, I decided to go to the basics with a Healthy Choice chicken fettuccini alfredo.

Frozen Find #18: Healthy Choice Fettuccini Alfredo
“Grilled white meat chicken with freshly-made fettucini and broccoli in a creamy alfredo sauce."

280 calories, 8g fat, 2g sugar, 31g carbs, 21g protein

Smell: Oh no, I smell pepper.
Appearance: Noodles. Check! Chicken. Check! Broccoli. Check! Looks good!
Texture: All things are textured as they should be.
Size: More noodles wouldn't hurt.
Deliciousness: 8/10, if you're not a fan of pepper you might want to knock it down a few numbers, but if you're good with it, you'll love it.

Love it or Leave it? Love it.