Following the yellow brick road is way more fun with your have a whole house decorated like the Wizard of Oz.

Today is my mom's 60th Birthday and we threw her a huge party Saturday night. She has loved the Wizard of Oz for as long as I can remember and when the musical, Wicked came out she fell in love with it, too. Like REALLY fell in love with it. She's seen it over 25 times.

She's an awesome mom and still takes care of a lot for me even though I'm almost 30, so I figured I would make sure this birthday party was filled with fun. I decided to decorate my parents' house like the Wizard of Oz and decorate the basement with Wicked stuff.

It turned out great and I wanted to share a few ideas with you. One of my favorite things I did was paint a bunch of signs. I bought foam boards from the dollar store, and also yellow wrapping paper and painted quotes from the movie on them. It was really cheap and easy but made a huge impact when guests walked into the party.

We also ordered some photobooth props from Etsy, that was really fun, especially for my nieces and nephews. Speaking of them, two of them dressed like Glinda and a munchkin which also made the party for theme-y. My sister-in-law dressed up as Dorothy, and I dressed as a ruby slipper.

Finally, we showed the movie in my parents' family room. That's a simple but genius tip if you're ever throwing a TV or movie themed party, use the actual movie or show as a decoration.

I hope you got some good decorating ideas for your next party, Happy birthday, mom!

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