Move to Arkansas from Illinois and get paid $10,000 with a new bike.

Even though our state slogan is in honor of a popular former President. I'm talking about Abraham Lincoln and the Land of Lincoln. It doesn't transfer well because Illinois is not a popular state.

Very few people want to move here. Many residents are moving out. Several more would like to join them. I would dare say the percentage of citizens who really like Illinois is low.

I think even greater numbers would vacate the region if they had some sort of incentive. Depending on how good of a deal you're looking for, this might be enough. Arkansas is ready to recruit you.

According to,

"Now, Arkansas is offering up $10,000 and a mountain bike to anyone who packs up their small apartment and heads for Northwest Arkansas, according to a report by Travel + Leisure. The recently announced Life Works Here initiative hopes to attract new residents to the area by offering a cash incentive. As for the bike, it appears to be a ploy to get said new residents to check out the many paved and mountain biking trails Arkansas has to offer."

I've been to Arkansas a couple of times, I thought it was a good place. It kind of reminded me of Rockford. Plus, if you're looking for an out, here you go.

There is a reason why they are recruiting people to move there. They need to fill jobs. There are over $10,000 currently available and not enough people to fill them.

The community has a few things going for it like a low cost of living, outdoor activities, cultural programs, high average income, a fast-growing economy, and ranked number one best place to live in the United States.


I'm sold, where do I sign up. Just kidding, I love Rockford but it might be a great opportunity for you.

For more info, HERE.

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