I've found a lot of really cool internships lately. Whether it's getting paid to sleep or play video games, I've tried to find the best options for your Summer internship.

How does traveling to France and getting paid $10,000 to drink wine sound? Pretty fabulous I'd say. Wine brand Rosé All Day is looking to pay someone $10,000 and send them on a luxury trip to France to become the company's "rosé influencer."

You know that friend who is obsessed with wine nights? This is their dream gig. Insider explains -

The company will give its newest employee $10,000 and a luxurious trip to the south of France, where they will stay in the brand's château in the Languedoc region and create content involving the summery, boozy beverage, according to a press release Rosé All Day provided to INSIDER. Rosé All Day would keep the pink drink flowing for the duration of the four-day trip.

June 8th is National Rose Day and that's when you can start applying for the internship. Applying for the dream job is as easy as posting a simple Instagram post.

So next time you have a wine night, don't forget to post about it and on top of that, apply for this internship!

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