Maybe your 4th of July won't be filled with fireworks or huge gatherings, but you can still celebrate with a drink off of the Starbucks Secret Menu. 

I always think of Producer MJ when I write about something on the Starbucks Secret Menu.

When she first started working with us at ZOK, she also worked at Starbucks and my mom and I went to visit her and I watched her make a perfect latte, which looked like a lot of work!

So I'm guessing when you're making something off of a secret menu, it's even more work... remember when you order off that secret menu, the barista probably has no idea what you're talking about, so you need to bring the recipe with you.

But a drink as pretty as this might be worth the extra hassle.

According to Totally the, the Firecracker Drink is Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher with no inclusions with one pump of Raspberry Syrup and a little Passion Tea on top, over the ice, the Ombre effect happens only is that's on top of the ice.

Will you order it?

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