Bars and restaurants are listed for sale everyday. At the same time, it's not every day you see a bar or restaurant for sale on Craigslist.

Craigslist, best known as the place you buy 10-year-old stereo speakers or read up on cringe worthy Missed Connections, apparently doubles as a business seller.

That is something that I didn't know of, until today.

That said, in the wild west that is Craigslist, there aren't any rules stating a business can't be sold on the website. It's just strange that someone would use Craigslist to sell their bar.

Rockford Craigslist

The Craigslist post mentions that the bar is "very well established" and has a "huge customer base."

The listing further mentions "one of the best Friday fish fries in the state" and a "nice outside beer garden with seating."

The person who listed the bar for sale wouldn't give the name or location in the post saying "I have to weed out daydreamers and protect my establishment."

Even more strange, the title of the bar has it for sale at $395 which sounds crazy cheap.

What's the name of this bar? Any idea? Let us know!