When I think Memorial Day weekend in Illinois, in particular, Rockford, I think rain.

However, the weather this year is going to buck the trend. Weather forecasts are showing the two hottest days of the year (so far) are going to happen this weekend.

You've got to admit, It's been a pretty cool spring thus far. In truth, it's been a mixed bag. Some weeks, above average temperatures while others way below. Rockford temperatures have touched 80 only five times in May, and nothing close to 90.

Memorial Day weekend in Rockford is going to be hot. So much so, I probably will start complaining about the heat. Wunderground.com is saying this Friday, May 25 we could hit 89 degrees as the high temperature.

Sunday, May 27 will also be a warm one too, if you believe the forecast. Wunderground is saying we should hit 89 degrees too.

Grab The Sunscreen: Rockford's Warmest Day of 2018 Is Coming Memorial Day Weekend

There you go, the hottest two days of the year in Rockford are going to happen this Memorial Day weekend.

Best part, not a drop of rain in the forecast. I may have to rethink the "it rains every Memorial Day weekend in Rockford" narrative.

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