Maybe this is not considered historical yet, but there will be a day when newspapers are extinct. When those days arrive people will spot a newspaper machine and reflect on the good ole days. Or, like our kids starting at an old payphone setup, folks passing but one of these may wonder what the white boxes once held. Regardless, newspaper machines may start popping up in homes in or near some of America's biggest cities.

There's a company called Impact Racks that isn't reinventing the wheel but is repurposing newspaper machines. The company provides multiple options for newspaper equipment, the technical term. They provide new newspaper machines for ... newspapers, but there are also distribution boxes, sidewalk libraries, novelty boxes, movie props, "as-is" boxes, and vinyl record holders. The latter leading to this article. A friend of mine at ordered a Chicago Tribune "box" for his records, but shoppers can choose from the Atlanta Journal, New York Times, New York Post, and plenty more.

Rob Carrol
Rob Carrol

These can hold over 70 vinyl and has extra storage space inside, according to YeahNoGreat. And, I should mention, buyers aren't stuck with choosing a newspaper logo, there are a ton of other options too.

These run $329 each and can be shipped to you for an extra $39, expect a 3-week delivery time. You can see them here.

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