The countdown is one... less than a week until Halloween! It's time to fill your calednar with sweets and scares!

The week before a holiday is the BEST, especially with something like this year, when Halloween is on a Monday. We have the ENTIRE week before to celebrate big and get all the sugary treats and haunted houses on our calendar.

Maybe you're ready for the super scary pitch black Haunted Houses, might I suggest Twisted Crypt on E. State Street... or maybe that's a little much for you as it was for me.

Then, you're in luck, there's a scary but more more family friendly Haunted experiece waiting for you in the Stateline area, Arvidson Tunnel of Terror in Machesney Park. 

Not only is their Tunnel of Terror family friendly, get this... it's also free!

Yep, you heard me right, it's FREE.

That means you only have to pay for the gas to get there and your family can have the perfect pre-Halloween haunt.

The Tunnel of Terror opened this past weekend and will continue this weekend and on Halloween night.

Last season they welcomed about 850 guests through the tunnel and this year they're looking to bring the fun to 1000 Rockford area ghosts and goblins.

This just seems like so much fun and a great way to give the community some scary but tame fun just in time for Halloween.

The Tunnel of Terror is open this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 7-10pm corner of Arvidson and Cameo in Machesney Park.

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