Would you like to be scared to death this Halloween? We found the perfect place.

Halloween is obviously one of the best times of the year, I mean the holiday is completely focused on wearing fun costumes and getting candy handed to you.

There is that other part though... the scary part. And that is NOT my favoirte part.

I've been scared of everthing pretty much my entier life, yet somehow, I will discard that concern if someone asks me to do something for TV.

Then I agree and do the scary thing and HATE it.

But, if you actually LOVE being scared then I am fully reccomending Twist Crypt Productions on E. State Street in Rockford.

I was so scared I had to use the emegency exit.... and I was walking around with my video producer and her light helping to guide me, you don't get a light when you walk through Twisted Crypt.

While I appreciate them allowing us to visit, I probably won't be back. But you have got to check it out to see how much you can handle!

Twisted Crypt Productions is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights up until and including Halloween night.

If you're too scared but want a little peak inside, you can watch Good Day Stateline on Halloween night to take in what happened when I walked through.

Twisted Crypt is at 5420 E State Street. 

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