You can admit it, you're eating your feelings right now.

If you're one of the few that is sticking to a healthy eating routine right now, while in the midst of a global pandemic, you are better than most.

While I have no evidence other than what I've seen with my own eyes, people are probably not eating the most healthy right now.

Otherwise, a calculator letting you know just how much weight you'll gain while working from home wouldn't be a thing.

The mere existence of this online tool suggests we're eating while working or maybe just eating when we're supposed to be working.

Either way, it's an interesting and quite simple tool.

Zippia, the career expert, put together this calculator and based on your answers to 6 questions, you can see if you'll gain (or lose) weight while quarantining, sheltering in place, or whatever.

The questions are:

  • How many days do you expect to be quarantined?
  • Do you still exercise?
  • Do you snack while you work?
  • What's your snack of choice?
  • Best fuel for you? (Drink of choice)
  • How many drinks per day?

What are you doing while working from home? Eating more? Sleeping? Watching TV? Tell us!

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