So you want a free Slurpee... you can get one, for free, today only though, so get to it!

Summer and slurpees go together pretty well. Granted you can eat a slurpee any time of the year, they're just better in the summer.

I'm pretty certain 7-Elevens were not created with the idea of giving away free slurpee drinks on July 11 in mind, but it works pretty well.

However, you might be thinking... I live in Rockford, how can I get a free slurpee today? I don't see any outside?

Well, there are actually a few locations that aren't so far away!

I grew up in the burbs, with no shortage of 7-Elevens location but the minute I moved to Rockford I was like, wait where are they?

The answer: Belvidere.

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There are two 7-Elevens in Belvidere, one is at 707 Logan and the other at 2500 Pearl St. For some reason the website also lists a location at 2502 Pearl St, but that seems strange don't you think? A little farther out, but not too far if you're heading in that direction... you'll find two 7-Elevens in Dekalb and one in Sycamore. Beyond that, you'll be in the burbs, if you go there, say hi to my parents. To get your free Slurpee just download the 7-Eleven app and you'll get all the info right there, if you go, let us know what flavor you picked! Right now there's a new 'What the Fanta' flavor where you get to guess what flavor you think 7-Eleven used to create the drink, it looks orange but you know it's probably not.




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