Thanksgiving is more than just family and turkey.

In 2020, Thanksgiving is probably going to be without family, so what, is it just the turkey then?

Not a chance. At least not in my house.

We do macaroni and cheese, some form of potato dish, salad, and of course all the appetizers and desserts I can make.

So of course, Thanksgiving is more than just the turkey.

The Most-Googled Thanksgiving Recipe In Illinois Is A Spicy Shock

That's when Zippia went to work. They decided to find the most popular Thanksgiving dish for each state.

Using Google Trends to figure out each, some states chose rolls, green bean casserole, and baked sweet potatoes.

Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes

While in Illinois (and Wisconsin) we pick mashed potatoes. Eh, kinda boring.

I guess it's better than choosing rolls, crescent, or otherwise as our favorite Thanksgiving side dish. South Dakota, Missouri, and Oklahoma chose that ultra-lame bread as their fave.

Just like every other holiday in 2020, Thanksgiving is going to look and feel different this year. So why not go with something different for Thanksgiving dinner? Change it up. Prep the turkey differently, add new sides and create mind-blowing desserts. We'll be either by ourselves or with our immediate family this year for turkey day, so we might as well make it interesting.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you getting together with family despite the health warnings or are you staying home? Tell us!

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