The Wahlburgers restaurant in St. Charles was supposed to be the first location in Illinois, but Chicago ended up winning that title. We just found out why.

The entire state of Illinois is excited about the new Wahlburgers restaurants in the area, and for most of us, the St. Charles location had the most buzz,


I'm thinking a combo between the fact that Donnie Wahlberg actually lives in St. Charles so a celeb sighting could be easy to score, plus no matter where you're coming from, driving and parking in St. Charles in way easier than going to Chicago.

However, that Chicago restaurant opened first, because of Donnie's son.

The biggest reason for the project's delay, Wahlberg says, was a request from his son. A St. Charles East High School senior at the time of filming, he asked his dad to push off construction until he was closer to graduating so he wouldn't be inundated with questions from his classmates.

Poor kid!

He's right though, the popularity of this restaurant continues to grow and that poor kid probably has to deal with questions every single day.

I believe his son is now graduated, and thus the restaurant construction has sped up.

Why do we all care about this restaurant so much? Honestly, I'm not sure. But I do like eating and my sister and her family live in Batavia, which is really close to St. Charles. So I'm assuming we'll make a trip to Wahlburgers as soon as it opens.

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