From an angle most of us will never see, leaves from hundreds of trees changing colors, is absolutely breathtaking from the sky.

The wonderful thing about the Fall season is that it's beautiful from every angle. There isn't a city or town anywhere in the U.S. where that isn't true.

Where do you plan to drive, bike or hike to see the colors of Fall? The lakes and rivers of Illinois and Wisconsin provide great spaces for autumn adventures.

There's one region of the country I've always wanted to visit in the Fall, and that's New England. The northeastern states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. I've seen the beauty these places provide during the Fall season in plenty of movies and TV shows, and magazines, but I hope to visit this area in person before I die.

As I said earlier, Fall colors are beautiful from every angle, but from above the trees is definitely a bit more spectacular. The drone-shot video below provides a view of New Hampshire's White Mountains that will absolutely take your breath away. Open the video up so it fills your screen. And, turn up the volume for some soft music that makes chances the view a little more.

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