Those Cubbies, always ready to surprise you.

In January this year, our buddy (ok, we wish he was our buddy) Kris Bryant married his now wife Jessica, and it looks like his best buddy has also tied the knot in 2017.

Now, I have been busy this month, so there's a chance I missed something, but I feel like if I knew Anthony Rizzo was getting married yesterday I would been looking everywhere for pictures.

Nope, instead, while I was in a different part of Florida scrolling through Instagram, I saw the photo Anthony posted saying, 'What a weekend.'

So we're guessing he is now married. I mean that would be a weird photo for an engaged guy to post if he didn't tie the knot.

Orlando... eh? Rizzo is from Ft. Lauderdale, but part of me hopes when we see more zoomed out photos he was at Disney World with Mickey and Minnie.

This is mostly because I think Anthony Rizzo looks like my brother who probably wishes Mickey Mouse was at his own wedding a few years ago.

So Rizzo, if you got married, congratulations! If you didn't, well, then we're glad you had a good weekend.

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