That tree though.

I love a good trip to the mall. I was practically born there.

Ok, fine I was born in a hospital but my mom did take me to Woodfield Mall before I was baptized and my grandma was not happy.

While Woodfield will always have my heart, after my trip to CherryVale today, I think the Rockford Mall has my Christmas spirit!

Seriously, I was at the mall for about thirty minutes and managed to pack in more Christmas fun than I have so far this year.

From hanging with Santa, who was nice enough to take a selfie with me.

To hearing the adorable students from Marshall Elementary sing 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,' I mean how cute are they!

Plus, the Mall is making it even easier to donate to kids in need this year with The Giving Tree. Just drop off an unwrapped gift to the tree, which is located upstairs and the toy will find a home thanks to The Salvation Army.


Thank you so much to my mall tour guide, Melissa.


I know you'll be spending a few hours at the mall in the next week or so doing last minute shopping so make sure to stop for a minute or two and enjoy the holiday-ness around you!

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