How many items from the Fall bucket list have you completed?

Fall is wonderful until it's over. It seems like we wait all year for Fall, and then in three or four short weeks it's done.

So, we gotta make the most of it, right? In Rockford, we are lucky enough to be near a bunch of apple orchards and pumpkin patches, so those are easy to cross off the list.

I found this list on Country Living's website, how many have you conquered? I think I've done like 4.

  1. Apple picking at an orchard
  2. Decorate your porch with Fallness
  3. Use leaves to decorate
  4. Open your windows for some Fall air
  5. Take a drive to enjoy the Fall foliage
  6. Bake a pie and bring it to a friend
  7. Knit
  8. Hang a Fall wreath
  9. Visit a Fall festival
  10. Cook with pumpkins
  11. Wear sweaters
  12. Head to a candle store
  13. Make some pumpkin bread
  14. Go on a creepy tour
  15. Try out a corn maze
  16. Stay in a town filled with Fall colors
  17. Taste some apple cider
  18. Decorate inside your house with Fall decor
  19. Get your Christmas photos taken
  20. Watch a scary movie
  21. Eat some squash
  22. Try a hayride
  23. Practice making apple pies
  24. Roast some pumpkin seeds
  25. Visit a haunted house
  26. Travel to the mountains
  27. Light some Fall candles
  28. Eat out of a pumpkin bowl
  29. Make pumpkins out of non pumpkin things
  30. Get crafty with your old clothes
  31. Add some apples to your alcohol
  32. Go antiquing
  33. Buy the biggest pumpkin at the patch
  34. Can some Fall foods
  35. Go for a morning walk

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