Michael Myers has to take a break from murdering people sometimes, he has to read stories to his kids!

Marcus Choppa is just a regular guy in Rockford, but this month he is also Michael Myers.

After posting this photo online, one of Marcus's friends said they wanted to see more of Michael Myers just hanging out, that's when Marcus came up with the #31DaysOfMichaelMyers idea.

Photo Submitted
Photo Submitted

Marcus thought it would be funny to see Michael Myers as an everyday person, you know what he does when it's not Halloween. Guess what, Marcus, you were right, it's hilarious.

Since then Marcus has upped his Instagram game to include these Myers photos and we're loving them.

Marcus and his Michael Myers mask have been going about regular days in Rockford, to have a little fun and show us all that just because Michael Myers is a murderer, doesn't mean he also doesn't spend time working out, driving his family around town or you know, going to the bathroom.

Marcus plans to continue the photos through the end of the month and is totally open to your Michael Myers suggestions. You can find him and all the photos on his Instagram page, theoriginalchoppa.

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