This is the perfect thing to play with on a Friday.

Microsoft launched a website earlier this week called "How Old Do I Look?" along with #HowOldRobot, which is now totally trending on Facebook and will probably take up much of your weekend, because it's amazing.

It's very simple. You upload a photo to the website, hit a button and a little box comes up and decides how old you look. I've already spent an hour playing with this and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon.

There is a little bit of Internet outrage going on though, because the website is saying that people are much older than they actually are.

Even though it bugs me when I constantly get asked if I'm 24 or 25, when I'm really 28, I don't want the Internet to decide that I look 33! That's not good!

Here are just a few examples of the fun I've been having. Please please let me know how old the #HowOldRobot thinks you are.

Poor Sweet Lenny, the Internet thinks he's 87. The rest of us are doing pretty well though!


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